Support 2.0 (CIT) - 640-506

Recommended Books

CCNP Support Study Guide by Todd Lammle and Kevin Hales. ISBN: 0782127134

This was the first book I read when I was preparing for the CIT exam. It is easy to understand as many of Lammle's books, and it had a really good chapter where you followed the troubleshooting of several problems. Lammle takes your hand and walks you through the troubleshooting to find the solution. A good book, but in my opinion not enough. Buy and read this book as one of at least two.

Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting by Chappell & Farkas. ISBN: 1578700922

This was the book that prepared me the most for this exam. It's as many Cisco Press course books a little more technical and harder to read, but contains all the necessary information.

1578700922.bmp (516854 bytes)
0072124830.bmp (981054 bytes) Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting by Newcomb, Mason & Thomas. ISBN: 0072124830

I have only browsed through selected chapters of this book, so I cannot give a good feedback on it.

Other Recommendations

When you think you're ready for the test, I would recommend that you get the Cisco tests from Boson, and purchase one of the CIT tests. They are only $29.95 each, which is very cheap compared to many other practise tests.

Good luck!