Routing 2.0 (BSCN) - 640-503

Recommended Books

1578702283 Building Scalable Cisco Networks by Paquet and Teare. ISBN: 1578702283

This is probably the best coursebook I've read from CiscoPress. It is pretty straight forward, and the chapter about EIGRP is one of the best written chapters I have ever read.

Internet Routing Architectures by Bassam Halabi. ISBN: 157870233X

This is the book to read if you want to understand BGP. I do however not use it as my main source to prepare for the exam, but more as a book to get a different and more detailed description of certain BGP areas I haven't fully understood.

Internet Routing Architectures
Routing TCP/IP Volume I by Jeff Doyle. ISBN: 1578700418

I have been reading about two thirds of this book, and it is very detailed. Good to have as another source when you don't understand the explanation in the book you're reading. It is also very good to have to get a more detailed explanation about certain topics.

Other Recommendations

When you think you're ready for the test, I would recommend that you get the Cisco tests from Boson, and purchase one of the BSCN tests. They are only $29.95 each, which is very cheap compared to many other practise tests.

Good luck!