Switching 2.0 (BCMSN) - 640-504

Recommended Books

Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks by Karen Webb.   ISBN: 1578700930

This book will take you through all the objectives you need to know for the exam. It is well written, but a little too technical sometimes. I would recommend this book together with one that goes into a little more details with more examples.

Cisco LAN Switching by Clark & Hamilton. ISBN:  1578700949

This book is with no doubt one of the best networking books I have ever read. It takes you through all the issues with LAN switching, and even though it goes into specific details, it never seems borring, and you will not find yourself reading the same page over and over. It is not necessary to read the entire book, and if you have the objectives next to you, you will know when to start skipping some pages.

Other Recommendations

Since most commands for this study is based on the Set-Based Command language that comes with the Catalyst 5000, it would be a good idea to practise those commands. The good thing is that all commands start with either SET, CLEAR or SHOW. But, a Catalyst 5000 is kind of expensive, so most people (including me) cannot afford to buy one just to practise for this exam. Since I'm an old programmer, I sat down and wrote a simple application in Visual Basic that will practise the commands for you, and you can go ahead and use this absolutely free as a kind gesture from my side. Simply click here and run or save the application.
When you think you're ready for the test, I would recommend that you get the Cisco tests from Boson, and purchase one of the two BCMSN tests. They are only $29.95 each, which is very cheap compared to many other practise tests. The Boson BCMSN test is a little bit more difficult than the real test, so don't drop your studies to become a farmer just because you don't score a 100%.

Good luck!